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I hope you find something here that you like, enjoy, and you can use for your creativeness. Everything is 100% made by me, I do not make use of actions or templates. I share my OWN work, and no-one else work. Everything here is tagger size, PNG or JPG format (600x600 pixels). If I use stuff that is not made by me (eg photo's or pictures), it will be stated with the share.

You may use my taggerskits for commercial perposes ONLY if you are not a scrap-designer!!! I DON'T want to see my taggerskits in your scrapkits, thank you :)

By downloading my kits, I want you to know ... I am not a nasty person, in fact I am a very friendly, kind and helpful. But ... I get very nasty if people misuse my shares, that I made in my spare time, and sharing freely with you. So please, don't be nasty, just be a normal grown up, in a grown up world. The world is bad enough as it is, don't make it worse!!! And please, don't steal/pirate my shares! In "the real world" you wont do it too. And if you do ... please remember one thing ... your family and especially your children (to whom you must be an example) will be shocked when they find out what you are doing on the internet ... the internet is part of the real world we live in.
I'd LOVE to see some of your creations you make with the things I share, so you're welcome to show off ;) If you want to use anything for commercial use, you must send me some pic's or stuff so I can see what you do with it. My terms are included with all the files. Make sure you read them :)


:: Awards 4 Me ::

*** WooHoo, I received two awards of Bev at Triple-E-Creations! ***

Thank you SO much Bev, I am really honored :)

*** The Awards ***

And now it is my turn to pass the award on to some of my favorite bloggers ;)
Here we go ..

Nani @ The Chronicles of Nani
Helly @ Designs by Helly
Katussia @ Just a Dream
Mallu @ Mallu Brasil Designs

I wanted to give these awards to Sonel, but she's already got them LOL :D



:: Christmas Pack - Strings and Things ::

Here I am again with another Christmas Freebie
I hope you like!

Please be so kind and take a few seconds to comment, I really appreciate!

I see the Alpha has been downloaded almost 200 times (at 4shared and rapidshare) and I only got 4 comments. Very strange that people only like to grab and grab, and they don't appreciate it that I share FREELY! But ok ... the choice is yours :o)

About this Freebie ...

This set includes the following:

(all 300 dpi)

6x christmas balls with flower swirls - 400 x 1005 pixels
6x christmas balls with snowflakes - 390 x 998 pixels
6x christmas stars with flower swirls - 514 x 1020 pixels
6x christmas stars empty - 514 x 1020 pixels
6x christmas strings small glass beads - 303 x 2938 pixels
6x christmas strings big glass beads - 338 x 2943 pixels

The filesize of the zip is: 6.68 MB

*** Click here to download at Rapidshare ***
*** Click here to download at 4shared ***



:: Alpha Pack - Christmas ::

A Christmas Freebie for you!

These are big ones, each one about 600x600 so you can use them on you big scrapbooking stuff.
I hope you like :)

Download HERE at Rapidshare
Download HERE at 4Shared


:: NEW BLOG ::

Hi everyone!

Just a note ... I have a new blog! Check it out by clicking the blinkie below!

Lelanie's Art TubesThe blinkie said it all ... I like to draw sometimes, but all the drawings were just "sitting" here on my pc, and nothing happens with them :( So I decided to put them as downloads, so if people like them, they can use them :)

See you there I hope :D




Just testing my Technorati Profile :)



Handdrawn Bows Pack

Date made: 2008-02-13
Download HERE

I can't seem to get the hang of making bows.
These I draw in PSP, and I asked my children if they could guess what these things are :)
They said "Gift Bows" so ... if they can see it, I think everyone will notice :)

Baby Girl

Date made: 2008-01-16
Download HERE

Baby Boy

Date made: 2008-01-16
Download HERE

Mothersday '07

Date made: 2007-05-01
Download HERE

Attitude, Style & Fashion

Date made: 2007-03-04
Download HERE

Please note:
I do not know who's cute little Maltese this is, but I just had to tube it :)
If anyone knows to whom this doggie belongs, please contact me so I can get in contact with the owner :)
The whole kit is based on the Maltese, who's image I got in my inbox, and I just had to do something with her :)